Friday, June 8, 2012

Steller's Jay - Cyanocitta stelleri

British Columbia's provincial bird is a bright blue jay, but it is not the Blue Jay of eastern North America. This member of the crow family is bright blue on its wings, tail, and underparts, with a black hood extending from its upperparts to the top of its crested head. 

The species was first collected by the German naturalist Georg Steller, while working as a doctor on one of Vitus Bering's expeditions to Alaska.

It is most common on Vancouver Island and in the southern part of the province, from sea level to about 2,100 meters in the interior, preferring coniferous and mixed deciduous-coniferous woodlands. Steller's Jays, like other members of the crow family, are opportunistic omnivores. This species is an important player in the dispersal of Garry Oak acorns, which it collects, and caches for future use. In the spring, jays will prey on the eggs and nestlings of other birds.

The Steller's Jay gives a variety of raucous calls and scolds, and is an accomplished mimic; it will often give the call of a Red-tailed Hawk when an interloper comes into its territory.

Steller's Jays are common visitors to forested parks, and will venture into suburban areas in some winters.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tribute to Laurent Schwebel

Desconocidos apuñalaron y mataron al reconocido fotógrafo francés Laurent Schwebel, cuando se encontraba tomando fotografías en Buenos Aires.

El fotógrafo naturalista francés asesinado el 8 de febrero 2012, en la Plaza San Martín, del barrio de Retiro, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, había nacido en 1959 en la región de Alsacia, el este de Francia. Vivía en la ciudad de Illkirch-Graffenstaden. 

 Trabajaba como geólogo, fotógrafo naturalista y guía de una agencia de turismo francesa especializada en viajes naturalistas.

Este señor de 52 años recorrió varios países del mundo a lo largo de su vida. Había llegado hasta la Antártida contratado como guía turístico por una agencia de viajes polares, Schwebel era un apasionado de las zonas frías. Realizó su primer viaje al norte de Canadá a los 20 años. También recorrió Groenlandia, Kamchatka y fue varias veces a la región del Spitzberg, en Noruega. 

Como geólogo se especializaba en peces e insectos, conocimientos que le permitieron trabajar como perito en medio ambiente en el departamento galo del Haut-Rhin. 

   Unknown stabbed and killed the renowned French photographer Laurent Schwebel, while he was taking pictures in Buenos Aires. The French naturalist photographer killed on February 8, 2012, in Plaza San Martin, Retiro, Buenos Aires, was born in 1959 in the Alsace region of eastern France. He lived in the city of Illkirch-Graffenstaden. He worked as a geologist, naturalist and photographer guidance of a French travel agency specializing in travel naturalists. This gentleman of 52 years, he traveled to several countries throughout his life. He had come to Antarctica as a tourist guide hired by a travel agency polar Schwebel was passionate about cold spots. He made his first trip north to Canada at age 20. He also toured Greenland, Kamchatka and went several times to the region of Spitzbergen, Norway. As a geologist specializing in fish and insects, knowledge that allowed him to work as an expert in environment in the department of Haut-Rhin Gallo.

   En este link pueden ver parte de su trabajo fotografico
  In this link you can see part of her photographic work:

y ahora los dejo con una muestra
and now I leave you with a sample...: 


Laurent Schwebel
R.I.P. 1959 - 2012